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As a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of five, Carole became inspired to write children's books.  Her first book 'Tails of American Bronte' was published in 2007. There's a load of black cat magic in this delightful 'Tail' of adoption. Carole's darling black cat Miss Bronte, with tons of cattitude, was her muse.  Kids give Bronte 4 paws up, and a percentage of books sold helps support animal rescue.  Carole enjoys book signing events and is an outspoken advocate for promoting lucky black cat adoptions.  Her second book in the American Bronte series is Bronte's Alphabet.  Also created are Bronte Greeting cards and a Calendar, all seeking a publisher's interest Another book Carole is working on 'The Rainbow's Dream and Song, is a colorful story of life's lessons learned from the Rainbow.  This beautifully illustrated book is seeking a publisher.

Carole says her art chose her to give life to Mandalas, Mermaids, Angels, Goddesses, and Cats.  Her love of vibrant Rainbow colors shows in everything she creates.  Her medium is Prisma Color pencils, paints and markers.  Giclee prints of her work are available in all sizes.

American Bronte

A whimsical fun loving series starring a sleek black cat named Miss Bronte who was adopted from a shelter.  ‘Tails’ of American Bronte promotes animal adoption.


My Alphabet

Miss Bronte again turns tricks to help kids learn their alphabet in Bronte's Alphabet.


The Rainbow's Dream

A charming children's story from author-illustrator Carole Stevens Bibisi, about the importance of teamwork, caring, sharing and being a family.


Lucky Black Cat Adult Coloring Book

Grab your pencils, markers, and gel pens and dive into coloring Carole's Creative Cats! These magical Maneki Neko Lucky Black Cats are sure to delight. Each cat wears a Japanese Kanji Good Luck Medallion around their neck depicting who they are and what they love. Color each design as you please and bring these kitties to life.